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Shipping and delivery of bicycles.

* - When do I make the payment?
It must be paid directly to the delivery of the bicycle and in cash or accepted card upon delivery of the material for the total time of the rental contract. The reservations have as the only payment method the secure POS system through credit card or Paypal. In both cases a deposit of 100 euros is required, which once we have checked the material will be refundable.

* - How much does the delivery and pick-up service cost?
The delivery and collection service in the municipality of Mijas and Fuengirola is free at the hours agreed by the company. The delivery and collection times are from 06:00 a.m. at 20:00 a.m. from Monday to Sunday, for other places consult our price list.

* - Can I rent a bicycle for a single day?
Yes. Without any problem. You will only have to check availability.

* - How do I make the reservation?
To make the reservation you only have to fill in all the fields of the reservation form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

* If I contract a route with the company, what should I take?
If you do not have any material, we will provide everything you need. Helmet, equipment, shoes, bicycle and food.

* - I have not been able to deliver the bike at the time contracted. Do I have any extra cost on the agreed price?
The additional cost that you would have if it is one day, would be like a rental day and if two days are two days of rent and without successively.

* - I have a breakdown in my guided route through Malaga, could you come and pick me up?
All our bikes are checked prior delivery to the customer. If the damage was due to a material problem, we would take care of your transfer. If on the contrary it was due to some damage caused by the misuse. Upon payment of the displacement we could go and repair or move it.

* - If I fall and break the material, what and how would I pay for it?
With the deposit of 100 euros the damages caused would be repaired. In case of greater repair, the client must pay the rest.

* - Do I have road accident insurance?
Bicycles have contracted third party insurance, any damage to third parties is contracted.
TERRAL BIKE rental offers customers the possibility of contracting private accident insurance for days.
* - The leasing company and its insurance are not liable for the personal injury of the tenant produced during the use of the leased bicycle. Likewise, the Insurance contracted by the lessor for the rental service does not cover the theft or theft of the leased item, so in this case the deposit of the leased object will be retained until the return of the same.

* - What do I do if I have an accident?
In this case you would have to call the competent authorities or contact us indicating your location.

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